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• Because the Property Consultants of IWANTHOME REAL ESTATE manage over 20,000 properties, all up to date, through which you will easily and quickly find the property you are asking to buy in order to obtain the "GOLDEN VISA"!

• Because only IWANTHOME REAL ESTATE provides you with complete services of the highest quality and guarantees to undertake the following:

- Issue for you TAX ID number

- Open a bank account for you in 1 day

- Full legal representation

- Issue all necessary certificates without your intervention

- Issuance of "GOLDEN VISA" within 3 months of the day of purchase of a property

- Full after-sale management of the property

We only need you in Greece for a few days to choose the property you dream of. Everything else can be handled solely by us directly and effectively.

• Because only we can fully undertake the finding and purchase of a property, in combination with the legal, financial and technical support for the acquisition of "GOLDEN VISA" without you being anxious about any part of the process, except to choose the property that suits you!

• Because only IWANTHOME REAL ESTATE has so far managed the purchase of real estate by hundreds of non-European citizens to obtain a "GOLDEN VISA" and continues to serve customers for the same purpose at an ever-increasing pace.



Any third-country national who becomes a 'GOLDEN VISA' holder and his family members (spouse, children of the holder or spouse’s children up to 21 years old, parents of the beneficiary and parents of the spouse) enjoy the following benefits:

• Permanent residence in Greece for five (5) years

• Right to renew the 'GOLDEN VISA' every five (5) years under conditions.

• Right of free entrance and staying for 180 days a year in the European Countries belonging to the Schengen Treaty, within or outside the EU (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Estonia, Iceland Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland)

• Access to education like any Greek citizen



In order for a third-country citizen to obtain a 'GOLDEN VISA' it must in any event meet the following conditions:

1. Have entered Greece legally.

2. To have full ownership, legal and possession or even a percentage of one or more properties with a minimum total value of two hundred and fifty thousand euros (250,000 €) or more.

3. Alternatively, have entered into a timeshare of at least 10 years in hotel accommodation or tourist furnished residences in complex tourist accommodation referred to in Article 8(2) of Law 4002/2011, since the minimum amount of the lease also amounts to two hundred and fifty thousand euros (250.000 €).

4. Alternatively to buy a parcel or plot and build a building, provided that the purchase value of the parcel or land and the contract amounts to a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand euros (250.000 €).

In case of co-ownership of a property worth two hundred and fifty thousand euros (250,000 €) or more, a right of residence is granted only if the owners are spouses who own the property by indivisible. In all other cases of co-ownership, the right of residence is granted only if the amount invested by each co-owner amounts to 250.000 €.

5. If the owner of the property has acquired it through a legal entity, the legal entity selling shall be the whole owner of all shares.

The holder of "GOLDEN VISA" has the right to incorporate in all the rights of "GOLDEN VISA" the members of his family, who will obtain a separate "GOLDEN VISA" each, by submitting a separate application each.



The team of IWANTHOME REAL ESTATE undertakes the whole process of issuing the necessary documents so that you do not have to take care of anything.

1. Beneficiary

• Four (4) recent color photos with passport specifications (dimensions 4x6), as well as Digital photography CDs.

• Copy of a valid passport or other travel document recognized in Greece, with a valid visa of entrance, where required.

• Private Life Insurance with hospital and accident coverage (preferably from a Greek Insurance Company).

• A copy of the property purchase title(s) worth at least EUR 250 000. The contract must state clearly that the price was paid by the buyer to the seller by bank cheque issued by a Greek bank account or via wire transfer directly from a foreign bank account of the buyer to a Greek bank account of the seller.

• Notarial certificate that the property meets all the specifications referred to in the Law no. 4146/2013, Article 6(2).

• Certificate of transfer of the ownership from the relevant Land Registry.

2. Family members

• Four (4) recent color photos as stated above.

• Copy of a valid passport or other travel document recognized in Greece, with a valid visa of entrance, where required.

• Private Life Insurance with hospital and accident coverage, as above.

• Recent certificate of marital status by a foreign authority, indicating the relationship between the Beneficiary and the members of his family (e.g. Family Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.) The certificate must be issued by the competent Public Authority and validated with the Stamp of the Hague Convention ("Apostille") where it is provided for or has a competent translation and validated by a competent Greek consular office or by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



What is the validity of the Residence Permit?

5 years

Can members of the investor's family apply for a residence permit?

Of course. Family members are considered to be the spouse, investor’s children or spouse up to 21 years old and parents of the spouses. They may apply for an individual residence permit. But they must submit separate applications. The residence permit expires on the same day as that of the investor.

What happens when a legal person is about to buy property in Greece?

In accordance with Article 20b(1) of the Law no. 4251/2014, when a third-country citizen who holds the full ownership, registration and possession of a property in Greece, through a legal entity, whose shares belong to him, that citizen has the right to apply for a Golden Visa.

Do holders of a residence permit have the right to work in Greece?

No, they don't. This residence permit does not give the holder access to any work as an employee. In this case, the concept of an employee does not include the pursuit of any economic activity as a shareholder or CEO of companies established prior to the application for a residence permit. This exception to economic activity refers to third-country citizens who are shareholders or directors of any kind of capital company (S.A., Ltd., I.C.E.). Their family members have the same limitations on civil service.

I'd like to request a residence permit. Should I have a permit to enter Greece before I apply for a residence permit?

Only if you come from a country whose citizens are required to have a permit to enter Greece.

What advantages does a residence permit in Greece offer its holder?

He may reside permanently in Greece for the entire period of validity and may travel to all countries belonging to the Schengen Treaty without an entry permit, as long as their residence in these countries does not exceed 90 days per semester. He can also have access to health and education services, just like any Greek citizen.

What is the waiting time for a residence permit?

It is usually issued within 1 month of the date of submission of the full application to the Decentralized Administration.

Is the applicant covered from the time of submission of the application until the issuance of the residence permit?

Of course. When all the required documents are submitted, a submission certificate shall be issued. At the same time, the visit to the relevant department is determined to give fingerprints. Once fingerprints have been given, the application shall be considered complete and the procedure for issuing a residence permit begins. If the applicant is in Greece on the day of submission of the application can give fingerprints on the same day.

I have applied for a residence permit and received a certificate of submission. What am I supposed to do with this certificate?

You can travel freely from/to Greece at any frequency. Caution: You are not yet allowed to travel to any other Schengen Member State with the certificate of submission. This means that you should avoid any trip that includes an airport of any other Schengen Treaty member country.

What is the validity of the certificate of application for a residence permit?

One year.

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